Couple Steals Cash Register - Busted instead

Submitted on 05/16/2024 by: fasteddie1212000
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Footage shows the moment a not-so-dynamic duo were caught stealing a cash register from a Seattle pharmacy - seconds after walking through its doors.

The unnamed male and female suspect were promptly arrested, cops said on Wednesday - releasing the almost unbelievable clip in the process.

The video shows a team from the Seattle Police Department approaching the Walgreens the pair had just looted - before coming face-to-face with the 20-year-old female, cash register in tow.

'Woah! Woah! Hey!' one of the officers says, as the woman stops in her tracks. Her 40-year-old accomplice, meanwhile, stands still, similarly dumbfounded.

'Put that down,' the officer, recording via his body-worn camera, orders her.

The unnamed woman follows suit, but her masked partner in crime apparently had other ideas.

He fled from the scene to a parking lot nearby, cops said in their statement, while another segment of the video shows his arrest.

It begins with the bumbling suspect hiding literally in plain sight of a police officer - this one also recording the action with his bodycam.

'He's hiding,' the officer is heard telling his colleagues over the radio after calmly walking away from the alleged crook's conspicuous hiding spot, as if he had not seen him.

Eventually, the suspect makes an exit, raising his hands slightly in a haphazard surrender.

'Show me your hands,' the officers orders, to which the man barely complies, while walking forward.

'It's not me! Sir, it's not me,' the masked man shouts at this point, still walking straight.

This, too, fails miserably, after the cops manages to catch up to the alleged shoplifter within a couple of minutes.

His arrest ensues, after which officers revealed they had found a handgun on the female's person moments before.

Despite being cuffed, she attempted to conceal it, officers said - adding that the pistol was not used in the crime.

It was, however, located by officers and seized as evidence - with cops sharing a photo of the gun, and several confiscated bullets, with the serial number still on.

The woman was ultimately booked into the King County Jail for theft and unlawful carry of a pistol, cops said, while the man was charged with obstructing a law enforcement officer.

Cops said he was booked into South Correctional Entity Jail, but have yet to provide an update.

They further revealed he is also being charged with a previous incident of domestic violence, but detailed that no further.

For now, Seattle police said detectives in the General Investigations Unit will lead the investigation, as the city continues to grapple with rampant crime.

This comes years after politicians and citizens banded together to demand the local government defund the police, amid unrest fueled by the death of Minneapolis's George Floyd.

In their statement, cops revealed the incident actually occurred on April 29, and is under active investigation.

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