Gunman Films Execution To Prove The Job Is Done

Submitted on 04/23/2024 by: Wicked
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The recording was made in Xinguara in the south of Pará. Monitoring system records the moment when two men on a motorcycle execute a young man in broad daylight with a 'clean face'. The detail is that one of the executors filmed everything

Crimes with characteristics of execution and commission continue to occur in the municipalities of the southern region of Pará. One of the most recent occurred in the city of Xinguara on the afternoon of last Thursday (18), where two gunmen executed at close range, a man in full daylight.

The victim of the execution was Elias Vidal da Silva, aged 27, known as “Bililiu”. He was on Rua Dom João VI, in Setor Marajoara II, when two young people, who were on a motorcycle, stopped on the public road and called for the victim. The detail is that the two were only wearing caps, without helmets or other items that could hide their faces.

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