CATS Bus Omarri Tobias Shooting Video

Submitted on 06/04/2023 by: Wicked
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Surveillance video released Friday by the Charlotte Area Transit System shows the May 18 shooting aboard a CATS bus between the driver and a passenger.

The shooting occurred after the passenger, Omarri Tobias, asked the driver to make an unscheduled stop as the bus traveled through Charlotte's Steele Creek neighborhood. When the driver, identified as David Fullard, refused, Tobias can be heard taunting Fullard, who continues to drive.

In the video, Tobias can be seen pulling a gun. Moments later, Fullard pulls out his own gun. Gunfire is exchanged as the bus drives off the roadway.

Two other passengers on the bus flee to the rear of the bus. Neither of those individuals were physically harmed in the shooting.

Before the video ends, Tobias can be seen exiting the rear of the bus while Fullard exits the front of the bus.

RATP Dev, the third-party operator of the city's buses, 'has parted ways' with Fullard accusing him of violating employee policy by carrying the weapon. The Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department has not announced any criminal charges against Fullard.

Brent Cagle, the interim CEO for CATS said the investigation found Fullard did not use any of the three alarm systems available to bus drivers during emergencies. He added it's standard procedure to not allow passengers off in between stops but drivers are allowed to if needed, which could've de-escalated the situation.

"If they believe that it’s in the best interest and they can do that safely, to let the passenger out even at an undesignated stop, that’s completely a reasonable action for them to take," Cagle said.

Appearing before a judge Wednesday, Tobias had his bond raised. He is facing several charges including assault with a deadly weapon.

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