RU destroying UKR "foreign legion" warehouses

Submitted on 07/18/2022 by: pasadete
play again watch more videos like this one Compilation of Drone Strikes Russians shelled Kherson with incendiary ammunition Auburn Home Owner Unloads on Trio Attempting Home Invasion Meat flies in all directions. Ukrainians are blown up by mines. A Russian drone congratulated Ukrainian soldiers on the day of the Ukrainian ground forces and dropped them a gift. Another one gets headshot by FPV pigeon footage of the destruction of militants in the Artemivsk direction Shut the fck up and bang my bro
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"Footage of the destruction of the point of temporary deployment of mercenaries of the so-called Ukrainian “foreign legion” with high-precision air-launched missiles in the village of Konstantinovka DNR.

Up to 250 foreign fighters, seven armored vehicles, and 12 special vehicles were destroyed."

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