Electronics Store Guard Shot During Robbery

Submitted on 03/30/2024 by: Wicked
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An electronics store was robbed this Saturday morning (23) by a pair of robbers, in Abaetetuba , northeastern Pará. One of the criminals caught the security guard who still tried to react, but was shot with a gunshot. The victim is out of danger.

The scenes were recorded by security cameras and show the moment when one of the criminals arrives at the store announcing the robbery in possession of a weapon.

Two sellers were at the front of the store and ran to the back of the store while the robber removed the products from the window.

Soon after, the second suspect appears outside with the security guard and the two begin a physical confrontation. The criminal who was inside the store notices the action and shoots the victim who falls to the ground shortly afterwards.

The pair fled the scene after the crime with a motorcycle that was parked near the store. The victim was rescued by employees.

On social media, the store reported that the security guard is out of danger and will soon be home.

In a statement, the Civil Police reported that they are working to locate and arrest the suspects and that the case is being investigated by the Abaetetuba police station.

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