Asian woman gets naked in gym

Submitted on 04/01/2024 by: willzibbs
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A 56-year-old woman, identified only as Chien, received multiple warnings after going to a gym in Taiwan with her cat. The establishment has zero tolerance for animals on its premises, especially due to the pandemic. The insistence ended up causing Chien to have his enrollment suspended at the end of last month.

Last week, however, Chien returned to the gym with the same cat. She was approached by a teacher, who ended up being insulted by the former student.

"I have a gun and a grenade!" , threatened the Taiwanese woman,

Then, Chien threw the cat into the hands of another employee and said, addressing the teacher:

"Hold my cat. I'm going to hit her!"

Before security arrived, Chien took off his clothes in protest and walked through the gym.

The confusion only ended after 30 minutes, with the arrival of the police. Chien - along with the cat - was removed from the academy. Dressed

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