Junkies Beat Disabled Army Vet, Accuse Him of Being A Predator

Submitted on 10/16/2023 by: Wicked
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Two 19-year-old drug addicts brutally beat a disabled veteran of the Afghan war in the Tomsk region. The guys came up with a reason - allegedly rape of a minor

The young man in the frame, holding a knife in his hand, shouted that he would now execute the man. He demanded to convey posthumous greetings to the children. Threats were interspersed with laughter and comments that the veteran was being punished for being a pedophile.

Imitators of the cleaver, as they say, have already been found. The regional authorities are monitoring the progress of the criminal case and are demanding that law enforcement officers deal with the monsters as quickly as possible.

Previously, the scum had attacked the man several times, smashed the windows of his house with stones, and accused him of murder.

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