Brazil & New York Become Close

Submitted on 09/09/2022 by: Wicked
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Footage has emerged that allegedly shows Brazilian jiu-jitsu legend and former mixed martial artist Renzo Gracie fighting a man on a New York subway platform.

Gracie, a 6th degree BJJ black belt, won a pair of ADCC gold medals over two decades ago and competed under the banners of the UFC, PRIDE, K-1, and ONE Championship during a 23-fight MMA career between 1992 and 2018.

Nowadays, Gracie works as a jiu-jitsu coach, owning the Renzo Gracie Academy in Manhattan, where he’s trained the likes of Georges St-Pierre, Chris Weidman, and Matt Serra. It was near that facility where he is reported to have recently engaged in a street fight.

In a clip that was re-posted by the @choke_lab account on Instagram, a man who is allegedly Gracie can be seen in a scuffle with an individual on a subway platform. After Gracie is forced down hard onto his side, the BJJ practitioner uses a body lock to mount the man.

The video cuts off as another figure, wearing a Renzo Gracie shirt, tried to prevent a woman from breaking the pair up.

“Video footage of Martial Arts legend Renzo Gracie in an altercation on the platform of a New York City Subway station.”

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