Bar Fight Leads To Deadly Shooting

Submitted on 09/27/2023 by: Wicked
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Elionilton Silva Liborio, 43 years old, was arrested for killing a man and injuring a woman, with shots at close range, after an argument inside a bar in São Vicente, on the coast of São Paulo . The case happened in the early hours of this Sunday (24/9).

Security cameras at the establishment in Vila Margarida, in São Vicente, captured the murder ( see below ). The images show the moment when Elionilton enters the premises armed, around 4am, and shoots the victims several times.

Marcos Roberto Santana Santos, aged 42, died instantly. A 46-year-old woman was also injured. According to the Public Security Secretariat ( SSP ), she remains hospitalized.

The shooter tried to flee the scene, but was restrained and beaten by other people who were in the bar until the Military Police arrived. Wounded, he was taken to Vicentino Hospital, where he remains under escort.

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