Steakhouse Employee Catches Fire

Submitted on 05/01/2024 by: Wicked
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A fire on Monday night (29) that occurred at the 'Espetão' steakhouse located on Rua Ricardo Quitete, in the Jóquei Clube neighborhood, in Campos, left at least three injured. The incident was allegedly triggered by an employee while working at the establishment's barbecue area. (Read more below)

According to reports from people who were at the scene, the incident occurred when an employee handled a spray bottle containing alcohol near a chafing dish, equipment used to heat food. The fire spread quickly, affecting not only the employee, but also two other people who were nearby.

The Fire Department was called immediately and arrived at the scene to contain the flames. The victims were rescued and taken to Ferreira Machado Hospital. However, so far, no information has been released about the health status of the injured.

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