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01/21/2018 07:02

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this is why i come here

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05/03/2017 08:11

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04/29/2017 04:24

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03/05/2017 03:12

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i got nothing to say so here's a litle recipe for Crystal Methamphetamine

1 2 Liter Bottle (with cap)
1 1 Liter Bottle (get 2 caps for it)
1 20 oz. Bottle (with cap)
1 Quart Jar
2 ft. 1/4in. diameter rubber/plastic hose (aquarium hose works good)
Coffee Filters
1 Funnel
1 Tubing Cutter (go to Home Depot)
2 Plyers
1 Roll of Ductape or Electrical Tape 1 Blender or Food Processor

200 60mg Pseudophedrine HCL pills (Actifed, Sudafed, Suphedrine, etc.)
1 1/2 cups Ammonium Nitrate fertilizer (33-0-0)
3 cans starting fluid
3 AA Energizer Lithuim Batteries
1 bottle Red Devil brand Lye
2 caps of water (use the top off the 2 liter)
1 box Iodized Salt
1 bottle Liquid Fire brand drain opener

1) Rinse and dry out all of your bottles. Be sure to get ALL of the
moisture out. Don't go any further until they are completely dry.
2) Put your pills into the blender or food processor and grind them
into powder. Mix them in with the 1 1/2 cups of Ammoniun Nitrate
fertilizer. Use the funnel to pour the mixture into the 2 liter
3) Hold your cans of starting fluid upside-down and hold the button
until all of the air is out. Once the air is out, use a screwdriver (I
use a bottle opener.) to poke a hole in the bottom of the cans. Using
the funnel again, pour the liquid (ethyl ether) out of the cans into
the 2 Liter with the Ammonium Nitrate/pills mixture.
4) Now you have to take the Lithium strips out of the batteries (This
is why I recommend being experienced.). Tighten the tubing cutter onto
the center of the battery and spin it around until the metal casing is
cut. Be careful not to cut into the guts of the battery. If you mess
up the battery may become extremely hot and catch fire. Next take your
2 plyers and grab each end of the battery. Pull each side of the
casing off. Once the insides are out of the casing, place them in an
air tight container (Tupperware, Rubbermaid, etc.). They can be stored
for up to 3 hours. The lithium will become very volatile if exposed to
moisture in the air or water. Be careful!
5) Unroll the guts of the first battery and remove the Lithium strip.
There are two strips in a Lithium battery, so be sure not to get the
wrong one. You do not want the one that has shiny metal around the
edges. Tear the Lithium strip into tiny pieces and place them in the 2
Liter. Do the same with the other two batteries.
6) Take the cap off your bottle of Lye and fill its cap with it. Pour
this into the 2 Liter as well. Use the funnel!
7) Take the top of the 2 Liter and fill it with water. Pour the water
into the 2 Liter. Repeat once. You should see little bubble floating
to the top of the liquid in the bottle. Place the cap on the bottle
and swish it around a little (do not shake!).
8) Now your dope is cooking (I call it "rolling"). About every 5
minutes loosen the cap a little to release the pressure and to make it
"roll" a little harder. After about 10 seconds re-tighten the cap.
Don't breathe too deeply, because gaseous ammonia is released.
9) You have to keep adding Lye or your dope will stop "rolling". About
every 20 minutes add about 1 cap (use the cap off the lye bottle!) of
Lye. Tighten the top tight on the 2 Liter and shake the bottle
vigorously for about 8 seconds. Loosen the top, releasing the
pressure, and the dope will start "rolling" perfectly. Repeat every 20
minutes. You do not want to use more than 2/3 bottle of Lye, so you
may have to adjust the amount you add or how often you add it to make
it go for 2 hours.
10) After 2 hours, your dope is through "rolling". Get the funnel and
place it in the 1 Liter bottle. Put two coffee filters in the funnel
and pour the liquid from the 2 Liter through them into the 1 liter
bottle. Pour a little at a time to make sure you don't let any get
outside the filters. Once the 1 liter is filled, tighten the top on it
all the way. It'll ruin your dope if you let dirt or moisture get into
11) Take the 2nd top to the 1 liter and the top to the 20 oz. and cut
holes in them barely big enough to fit the plastic/rubber hose into.
Put each end of the hose into each top and make them air tight using
ductape or electrical tape. Make sure you use a clean hose!
12) Remove the cap from the 1 liter bottle and screw on the one with
the hose attached to it. Pour iodized salt into your 20 oz. until it
is filled about 1/2 inch from the bottom. Take the cap from your 2
liter or another cap the same size and fill it with Liquid Fire. Pour
the Liquid Fire onto the salt and tightly screw the top attached to
the other end of the hose onto the 20 oz. Shake the 20 oz.
left-to-right for about 4 seconds. Pump (squeeze and release) it once
and sit it down. Smoke will begin the fill the 1 liter. As the smoke
begins to go into the liquid, you will see the dope "fall". It looks
snow. When the smoke stops, take the top off the 1 liter and tie a
knot in the hose. Put the other top back on the 1 liter and shake it
vigorously for 30 seconds. Let the crystal settle. Put the funnel over
the jar with 2 new coffee filters it it and pour the liquid through
them. A little bit of meth gets caught in the filters, but the rest
stays in the bottle. Cut the top half of the bottle off and use a hair
dryer to dry the crystal. Snort it or smoke it and get high as a bat

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02/03/2017 12:26

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ali ali..who you mean?? 10 guys in that room 7 named ali

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02/03/2017 12:22

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dumb ass forgot to fill up

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01/20/2017 02:40

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that bus chopt him good

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12/13/2016 07:47

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12/13/2016 07:39

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09/18/2016 02:58

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#6 i wanne see them in a porn. and be in it to

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09/18/2016 02:57

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damned i just cleant there

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    Good on that dude! And fuck you.
    01/23/2018 19:29
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    Why the fuck do I keep having to log into this site twice before I can leave a comment or vote on something?
    01/23/2018 19:19
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    I can watch a guy get his heart pulled out but I can't watch this.. WTF?
    01/23/2018 19:12
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    I think she would have a much more successful career doing something else...
    01/23/2018 19:10
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    please put your head out the window....
    01/23/2018 19:07
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