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What happened to Stiff and why was Vegas banned?


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"If you are a parent who follows the CDCs VACCINE schedule, here are some facts you need to know and understand to make an informed decision.
1. I understand that the pharmaceutical company who made this vaccine has NO liability.
2. I understand that I pay a $0.75 Federal Excise Tax per vaccine, used to pay
vaccine injured families through the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (NVICP) created by the government.
3. I understand that this vaccine contains neurotoxins such as aluminum that far exceeds "safe levels" deemed by the EPA.
4. I understand that this vaccine contains carcinogenic ingredients.
5. I understand that this vaccine was made from aborted fetal cell lines.
6. I understand that getting this vaccine does not ensure that I will be protected from the disease.
7. I understand that my child could get the very disease s/he was vaccinated for.
8. I understand that my child could be a carrier of the disease s/he was vaccinated for and spread it ("shedding") for up to six weeks.
9. I understand that my doctor may get monetarily rewarded for having a high percentage of his/her patients who are fully vaccinated.
10. I understand that if my child is injured by a vaccine, my doctor would have to spend an exorbitant amount of hours filling out paper work in order to report it to VAERS (the only way to officially report a vaccine injury).
11. I understand that my doctor has no incentive to fill out paperwork for a vaccine injury.
12. I understand that vaccine injury is under-reported.
13. I understand that vaccine mandates (like SB277) literally hand over new customers to pharmaceutical companies.
14. I understand that pharmaceutical companies have no incentive to make their product better.
15. I understand that pharmaceutical companies spend up to 4x more on advertising than they do on research.
16. I understand that corporate media gets 70% of their advertising revenue from pharmaceutical companies.
17. I understand that corporate media does not want to lose revenue, certainly not 70% of it.
18. I understand that when pharmaceutical companies conduct a study (on their own product) it is in their best interest to have a favorable outcome.
19. I understand that this vaccine schedule has never been tested on children.
20. I understand that this vaccine could cause injury or death, and my child could be one of them.
21. My doctor has informed me on all the risks and side effects and has reviewed the vaccine insert with me.
22. I understand that if my child dies from this vaccine I will be awarded no more than $250,000.
23."Studies" conducted are not double-blind, saline placebo as all other drugs are.
24.I am making an informed choice to vaccinate my child.
1. The actual disease I would be vaccinating against has less chance of death or life altering consequences than the actual side effects of the vaccine itself.
2. Vaccines are not research effective because they are not subjected to double-blind placebo controlled studies using a saline solution that is the standard for evidence-based medicine. Vaccinations are tested against other vaccinations, adjuvants, and complex vaccinations – this not only yields inaccurate results but altered and inaccurate safety data.
3. Vaccines did not eradicate these diseases. Quarantine programs, sanitation, clean living conditions, and clean water did. If you look at how these viruses are transmitted (dirty water, poop, unpasteurized milk from infected cows, etc.) and the time frame during which these diseases actually decreased you’ll see this occurred during a time in both Britain and United States History where our society became more industrialized as a whole and access to clean water, clean food, and public health services drastically improved.
4. What I see around me is a new generation of disease. We have a 1 in 45 autism rate – the highest in history and of any other country. We have diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, cancer, Crohn’s disease, eczema, learning disabilities, neurological disorders, seizure disorders, birth defects, psoriasis, food allergies, thyroid conditions, and outbreaks of vaccine-strain disease like pertussis, measles, shingles, and mumps.
5.Herd immunity is this concept that a certain percentage of the population needs to be vaccinated in order to eradicate a disease. Herd immunity does not exist with vaccines and here’s why, it only applies to those diseases that are naturally derived that confer lifetime immunity. Vaccine manufactures promise to introduce an antigen. They do not promise that the antigen will initiate an antibody response (e.g. MMR vaccine insert). Even if there is an antibody response the doesn’t mean one will have immunity and if they do, immunity is temporary (up to 4-10 years). Chicken pox vaccine gives immunity for “unknown duration” but no more than 10 years, MMR is unknown, Pertussis “protection” is a joke, Hep B is a max


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    That "kid" took 6 chairs to the melon and 3 punches before he went down...he probably deserved it.
    03/22/2019 17:07
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    He's gonna be all right.
    03/22/2019 16:45
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    were they going 500 mph?!
    03/22/2019 16:38
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    He fall down go splat.
    03/22/2019 16:37
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    I didn't do it!
    03/22/2019 16:34
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