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04/23/2018 16:01

Ok, I want to finish ...
I finish now.


04/21/2018 14:40


04/21/2018 00:08


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04/18/2018 22:53

Again, your illustrations are right on!
The last few were over the top.


04/17/2018 19:31


I was working on the central coast of California when we got a call form the Sheriff/Coroner to respond to a suicide. It was a weekend, so the useless coroner's investigators were off playing golf or pocket pool. A brand new, part-time helper was in the office, so I took him with me.

We arrived at a modest residence in town and were ushered into the closed garage by the local detectives. Billy had gotten caught cheating on his girlfriend for the 25th time. This time, she broke up with him. The previous night, he called her house repeatedly and finally threatened suicide, if she didn't come over to his parents house (for some make up sex). Once again she declined, he threatened to kill himself and she hung up on him.

This time, true to his word, Billy went out to the garage, set up a noose on the rafter, got up on his motorcycle , put the rope around his neck and jumped. When my new worker and I got there, Billy was hanging about 3 feet above the garage floor. Billy's parents were in the house, still screaming and hollering ABOUT THE GIRLFRIEND.

Two Detectives (dumb and dumber) were offering advise as to how to get Billy down and onto our cot.
This wasn't, by far, my first hanging and I knew how to move and remove bodies from every place known to man. I set up a ladder that was in the garage and got ready to use a time tested technique to get Billy back to the mortuary. I told my new employee what we were going to do and asked if he was up for it. I moved our mortuary cot into position. One of the cops climbed the ladder and without any warning said: "Here, I'll help you." and promptly cut the hanging rope.

Billy plummeted towards our cot at an angle, just as I planned. But we were not in position to catch and lower Billy. Instead, Billy slammed head to head into my new worker, knocking my new hire stupid and opening up a 2 inch cut on his forehead. Billy bounced off the cot and did a head first pile drive into the concrete. Billy's skull cracked like a coconut and blood oozed out of his melon as well as my employee's.

I had never, up to this point, cussed out a cop, let alone a detective face to face. I lost MY shit. "What the fuck is wrong with you, you stupid mother-fucker?" "Get on your fucking radio and call my partner a fucking ambulance, you dumb son of a bitch..." I continued offering variations on that theme until the ambulance arrived and took care of my worker. The two cops slinked off as I got Billy into my meat wagon. Simi-composed, went in and spoke to Billy's parents.

I apologized to the parents and explained why I had torn into the cops. They told me that the detectives were pushing Billy's body back and fourth and making jokes, when they didn't think the parents could hear them. I suggested they call the Chief of Police and the Sheriff's office and complain. They apparently did complain, but nothing happened.

When I got Billy upon a table in our embalming room I jumped back in the car and drove to the ER, after calling the kid's parents and telling them about his injury. My employee looked like he had taken a bat to the forehead. They had just finished X-Rays and were getting ready to sew him up. When his parents arrived, I told them what was going on and that the mortuary would pay for everything.
His father had great insurance thru his work and waved my offer off.

My next stop was the Police Department. I went in and spoke to the watch commander and told him the story. Twice during my complaint, he yawned and was looking around the room. I knew my complaint was going nowhere and that the Chief was just as big an asshole as the W/C was.

After I told the Mortuary owner what happened. I was reamed by him for possibly upsetting the cops and possibly reducing the number of bodies that were referred to us by the cops. I nearly quit, right then and there. Only the very recent birth of my second son, and the resultant expenses, kept me employed. It was still several years before I became a cop and had different BS to deal with.


04/17/2018 01:24

Hang in there buddy tomorrow is the last day that I have to work, and I should be getting myself back together very soon I'm sorry about the delay things happen though it's life, but tell you what it's getting much better after tomorrow


04/16/2018 06:15

http://www.kaotic.com/video/nxgFWnat_2018504082246_t A shorter clip was posted 4 April by tkc


04/15/2018 17:21


Years ago, KISS performed at a venue in our town. My partner and I wanted to ogle the women that showed up and find a way to keep our self's entertained. KISS audiences are predominantly white with some Hispanics and Asians sprinkled in. We were assigned 8 hours of parking lot patrol to keep "Whitey" in line. There were two other 2 officer units assigned to this overtime patrol.

We wound up following another marked unit down one of the isles in the parking lot. We drove slowly so we didn't run over any of the drunk or stoned people headed to the concert. The venue had numerous large sign indicating NO ALCOHOL OR OPEN CONTAINERS. As we rolled along, we noticed a van with it's side doors open and about 5 males and 5 females milling around. Every one was drinking beer and or hard liquor. The cops in the car ahead of us said: "Hey you can't drink in the parking lot, dump those beers." Two of the males responded simultaneously: "FUCK YOU, PIG"

All four of us cops jumped out of our cars and rushed the drinkers. "I am not dumping anything." "This beer costs $4 a bottle..." My partner responded by grabbing Mr. Lawyer and ramming his head into the side of the van. Two of the other males took exception to our form of applied police science and tried to aid their friend. Those poor drunk Yuppie turds were no match for hardened ghetto cops.
Within a few painful seconds, all of the males and two of the females were face down in the parking lot, handcuffed and whining. "You can't do this to us....."

One of the more astute of the arrestes noted that we were NOT L.A.P.D. (The LAPD was under a federal over watch program. They were afraid to do any enforcement work, write tickets or anything
other than cash their paychecks.) Our agency was under no such constraints and, within reason, do what we wanted. "No asshole, we're not LAPD." "We don't have to kiss your ass...." Looks of terror swept across the faces of these young scofflaws.

I offered an observation to our new friends: "Perhaps a few hours in our drunk tank with people from another culture, will be a positive experience for some of you." We arrested 4 males for open container, public intoxication and resisting arrest. One of the females had a warrant and was hooked up for that. All of the beer was dumped on the spot, the van was towed and a small quantity of weed was impounded. The five people we arrested were going to miss the concert. They wanted their non arrested friends to sell the tickets for the sold out show. We advised them that 'scalping" was a crime
carrying a $500 fine.

Overall, the cost to the van driver and the others that got arrested was significant. Tow fees, fines, lost ticket costs, lost beer all added up. On the positive side, it was a busy Saturday night in our jail. The arrested white boys had an interesting trans ethnic/cultural experience in our drunk tank. It all could have been avoided if they had simply dumped out a few of their beers and pretended to comply with the cops.


04/15/2018 07:41

I have not featured any videos whatsoever in a few weeks and even then I got a featured then
I do not have a computer with me I cannot future stuff having featured stuff in weeks

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    "Drag him off the field, our soccer game starts in 5 minutes."
    04/23/2018 17:30
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    Never bring a fist to a gun fight!
    04/23/2018 17:29
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    This is going to set her Ballet career back a few months.
    04/23/2018 17:27
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    He is breathing Nitros, he will bleed out laughing.....
    04/23/2018 17:26
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    Opossums carry all sorts of diseases. Miss Froggy will be seen in a terminal adventure, here on Kaotic.
    04/23/2018 17:25
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