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Watching too much shit tends to make you trivialize how horrible people actually are! That's why we laugh and joke at the devil, but in fact we're scared to death!

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Thank you so much for your help! I know you are the one with the answers


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In my previous story, I wrote about working executive protection for the Saudi Royal Family. I thought I would throw out a few more short stories, while they are in my consciousness.

I got a call in the middle of the night from the E/P company I worked for. They were in a tizzy to get armed agents for an immediate assignment and offered me $500 a day, if I would take some time off from the PD and show up at the bungalows at the Beverly Hills hotel. To sweeten the pot, they offered a three day minimum, if I could get there early the next AM.

Myself and a full crew arrived all spiffed up in our black suits, dark glasses and our supervisor started handing out radios and ear pieces. "It's six am, these people don't get out of bed until 12 noon- 2pm, what's the rush?" Our supervisor said that was the report time and when we started getting paid. OK, so we stood around, drinking coffee and talking shit for three hours.

Exactly at 9 am, a whole crew from a different EP company showed up. Dressed identical to our crew. the two supervisors met, away from the gun slingers. A few minutes later, he gathered us up and said the detail was over because our company didn't pay a bribe to the family's money person. The other company did pay the bribe, so they got the business. I made sure I was going to get my guaranteed $1500 for the three days, finished my coffee, called the PD I worked for and after a nap at the station, worked my regular 3pm-1am shift. Just under $2000 for a total of 13 hours of my time.

A few weeks later, a similar situation arose. I showed up at the Beverly-Wilshire at 6 am, got wired for sound and awaited my assignment. A Saudi family had taken over 4 suites at the hotel. One suite was set aside for a 3 month old infant Prince and his 4 nurses. Two nurses per 12 hour shift, 24/7. We had two agents stationed outside the child's room and if the child and his nurses left the room, we had a crew of 4 agents walking with them. Tourists in Beverly Hills must have peed themselves laughing at 4 men armed to the teeth, walking in a box formation around the kid in a stroller and two nurses.

The nurses were all from the Philippines and were earning $400 a MONTH. Most of us on the protective crew were paid $350 a day plus a per diem. We had to watch the nurses too. They would run off if they thought they could get away without a passport because of the low pay and the 84 hour a week work schedule. "What do you want us to do if they try to take off?" "Shoot them if necessary." "Yeah right....."

We had a Princess that was VERY Westernized. She and a female agent went out clubbing and returned early in the am. We provided two male agents for back up, as per her father. She and her female agent would routinely ditch the chase car on purpose and refuse to tell us where they were.
After getting screamed at by the anxious father several times, we just quit reporting the ditchings to dad and sat around the hotel with bail money, just in case. When the princess went back home, she gave her female agent a $15,000 Rolex. The rest of us got a $100 bill.


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We have all seen them, black suit, tie, talking to their wrist, wearing dark glasses. Yes, I was one of them, an Executive Protection Specialist. I'll throw out a few stories that will make you go out and buy your own gun for protection (If you can still buy them in your state.)

I worked with the Saudi Royal Family in Los Angeles for quite some time. At that time, there were over 3500 named and titled royalty. Each and every one of them had their own way of enjoying Los Angeles and all of the delights that are offered here. They would usually show up in July or August when the temperature in Saudi Arabia was well into the triple digits. They rented houses, owned property or stayed in Hotels, the big dollar Beverly Hills Hotels.

The company I worked for hired a mixed bag of young men, fresh out of the military, former special forces from all over the world and retired or off duty cops. I burned up some comp time and a few vacation days and went back to Virginia for two weeks of pretty good training. They waited until I passed the course and told me that I was too old to put in the field (47).

When I got home and back to good old fashion ghetto violence, they called me in a panic and wanted me to work full time starting the next day. "Sorry, you told me I was too old and besides, I am a full time cop. Apparently, they had a crew working a family and lied about having CCWs in California. The Saudi Embassy flipped out and told them they would lose the multi million dollar account if they couldn't provide legally armed agents.

The other people I worked with hated my guts. I had a CCW, was a cop and they paid me $7 more an hour than anyone else on the crew. The first night, the protectee and his family walked up to me and demanded to see my weapon and credentials and promoted me on the spot. People that had been with the company for years were demoted to "Gate Monkey" while I got to ride around in a limo with the clients and go to movies and out to 5 star restaurants. It was hell.

My co-workers tried to throw me under the bus every chance they had. They were all carrying handguns without concealed carry permits. I told them that one time, the Beverly hills PD would catch them running stop signs or speeding, pull them over, search them for weapons and the whole batch would get arrested and their weapons seized. Two nights later it happened. Eight agents lost their weapons and had to pay fines. The company was in a panic and I got promoted again and pissed off more co workers. Now the company had agents that were unarmed and were lying to the client.

Saudis ruined me for shopping. They all had unlimited cash and bought everything but sand. I would go out with a crew in Beverly Hills on Rodeo Drive after hours and shop. The shops would open for the Prince and treated us guards like royalty. Coffee, juices snacks were all made available to us agents, wile the prince shopped. He would buy insane items at insane prices. I remember See Turtle Island V neck T-shirts in several pastel colors. He bought 3 of each color @ $600 each or leather jackets for 12-15K in July. At the end of the evening, someone would order the chef at the Hotel to prepare a banquet to be ready when we got done shopping.

I was working three 12 hour shifts a week and doing police work on the other 4 nights. I got very tired of working all of the time and told the company I wanted to quit after about six weeks. they begged me to work fill in for guys that needed a day off here or there, otherwise, they would lose their position on the team. I went from a hated asshole to the best buddy of guys that needed time off from their 12 hour on, 12 hour off schedule. So I could pick and choose the locations and shifts I wanted to work. Most of the assignments were sit or stand for 12 hours, day after day 24/7.

When a new king of Saudi Arabia was crowned, he told the other royals that if they wanted to go to the USA to drink, chase women or go on state sponsored shopping sprees, it would be on THEIR dime, he wasn't picking up the tab any more. That ended the golden era of executive protection and Saudi
debauchery....unless they wanted to pay for it. After 9/11 most of them stayed in Europe during the hot season.

I saw incredible things working for the Saudis. I saw a empty Vodka bottle that took two men to haul it to the trash. I saw VERY high dollar prostitutes, cuming and to speak. They would buy new SUVs, or luxury cars, use them for a few weeks and give them to loyal American servants. The women were as busy spending the money as the men were. They just didn't hire prostitutes or do any drinking. You had to be on your toes, or they would get you fired for looking at them or refusing to do something that was illegal.

If there is any interest in my non gore stories about Executive Protection, I have hours of material to share. Otherwise, it's back to gut, gore and ghetto violence. Let me know......CT


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I Have no clue what you are saying..


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how are you this evening (my morning)


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Thank you!! I love it

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    Its Brazil Uber, they will brush off the puke noodles and beans and pick up the next passenger to make more money
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    That will feed the entire favela
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    Dead Brazil creatures
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    "About an hour ago they were caught by the Police, now they are in custody, guy facing up to 15 years (minimum 2 years) in prison and girl up to 12 years in prison. Both are underage, but they might be treated as an adults."
    08/18/2019 20:00
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    Dude was reaching over for his phone to take some selfies
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